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Great product, easy to use. These plates require no specific lab instrumentation or microbiology background and can even be incubated at room temperature. After plating our wine on traditional Y/M + actidione plates, we thought we had a potential explosion of Brett growth. After using these plates and getting a PCR confirmation, we were pleased to find that we did not have a Brett problem, we simply grew a different acitdione resistant yeast.

Very easy to use, no traditional lab equipment needed. From a brewery stand point the Easy Blue Brett test gives the brewer a clear isolation and quantification of this usually difficult to identify species. In our case we found two separate strains of brett from a mixture culture of different bacteria, wild yeast, and other native barrel organisms. The additional value of sniffing the plates helps shed light on what this specific strain can/might contribute to a given beer. I would recommend the product for anyone interested in identifying beer spoiling yeast throughout the brewery or the brewer who wants to isolate and experiment with various forms of brett that are roaming around in various barrels.
----Patrick Curran
----Craftsman Brewing Company

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